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About Dave...

Early in my life I realized a passion for nature, landscape and wildlife. Growing up in rural Ontario & vacationing on northern lakes allowed me to appreciate the landscape of the Canadian Shield as captured in the art of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Inspired, I tried water colour painting and even attended a class taught by an artist trained by a member of the Group of Seven. Painting taught me the use of colour and form. 

When I finally purchased my first good quality 35mm film camera, I became drawn to the art of photography with its ability to capture the beauty of the natural world though light, shadow, texture and colour. At this time, I had migrated to Alberta and was struck by the diversity of landscape - including the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies and the Badlands.

Over the last several years, I have focused on capturing abstract patterns, tones and shape. This has increased my interest in urban, rural, street  and night photography. 

I hope you enjoy this collection of my work and would be honoured if a print was part of your home. 

Dave Albers Photography


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Dave Albers Photography

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